75. The school band wants me to fill in as the cymbals player since the cymbals set broke and they think if i slap my boobs together it could achieve the same effect

74. Yesterday I was walking down the street and my boobs got all scraped up on the pavement because i forgot a bra :(

73. I looked under my boobs today and found my cat omg

72. I got the double d blues :(

71. Bazongas

I’m offering an award if you can find number 11 from the list, please contact me if you have any information that could lead to the discovery of where it is

70. Still wondering where number 11 on the list went

69. Getting hit by a truck

68. when your boobs get mistaken for butternut squash and they win first place at the state fair :(((

67. When you’re going down on a roller coaster and you’re boobs fly up and smack you in the face :’(